Mar 4, 2023
CTrees convenes science meeting in Bordeaux

CTrees convened a science partner meeting in Bordeaux, France, this week with more than 40 experts from leading research centers, universities, and space agencies in Brazil, Denmark, France, and the U.S. The group discussed the future of our scientific collaboration on forest and tree carbon data.

Hosted at the INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine Bordeaux centre, the meeting was organized by members of CTrees' scientific leadership team, including Dr. Martin Brandt, professor at Univ. of Copenhagen, Dr. Philippe Ciais, climate and carbon research director at Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), Dr. Sassan Saatchi, CTrees' CEO and senior scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Jean-Pierre Wigneron, head of the INRAE Remote Sensing Lab.

Throughout the three-day meeting, scientists presented cutting-edge research on tree-level carbon mapping, degradation monitoring, and expected advances in remote sensing from the launch of the NISAR and BIOMASS satellite missions, among other topics. The meeting focused on strengthening CTrees' scientific partnerships and integrating new research findings into our global dataset on biomass carbon.

CTrees is a nonprofit organization focused on producing operational, science-driven data in support of policies, programs, and investments that reduce deforestation and restore forests worldwide. Members of CTrees' scientific leadership and advisory committees are leading scientists with over 20 years of experience in building global carbon monitoring systems and solutions that have informed climate change policies. Learn more about our team:

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