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We count every tree,
Because every tree counts
A platform to track carbon in every
tree and forest on the planet.
Scientific Data
Measurable Impact
CTrees is the first global monitoring system to enable robust forest carbon accounting with methods and data that are transparent, accurate, and actionable.
We deliver science-driven data to any organization looking to make a true impact in the race to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and degradation and restore forests at all scales.
Standard information
at all levels
With our products organizations can bring data to the climate fight, accurately measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) the carbon in every tree, everywhere.


CTrees tracks the loss and gain of individual trees globally to create more accurate activity data and carbon emissions and removals, both inside and outside forest stands.


CTrees measures carbon stocks in forests at fine spatial resolution and over time. Our digital platform enables developers and investors to visualize and access jurisdiction’s historical activity data, identify carbon offset and sequestration opportunities, and track progress on emission reduction implementation efforts.


CTrees maps the diversity of forest carbon and land use activities within national boundaries, providing accurate digital data to be used in score cards for Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.


By continuously monitoring emission reduction efforts around the world, CTrees provides a global perspective on the Earth’s carbon balance and impacts of climate mitigation investments.

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